The BentoML team works to offer a suite of tools and platforms to streamline the deployment and management of AI applications in production. This document lists some of the highlighted ones in the BentoML ecosystem.


BentoCloud is a fully-managed platform for building and operating AI applications. It’s designed to accelerate AI application development by providing efficient workflows to deploy and scale a wide range of machine learning models.

As a serverless solution, BentoCloud allows teams to run their AI applications on fully-managed infrastructure that they can customize based on their budget needs. It supports autoscaling (including scale-to-zero) and provides great observability for monitoring. These enable developers to focus on building AI applications without dealing with the intricacies of the underlying infrastructure.

To use BentoCloud, BentoML users can package their models into Bentos and push them to BentoCloud for better management and deployment. For more information, see the BentoCloud documentation.


OpenLLM is an open-source platform designed to simplify the deployment and fine-tuning of large language models (LLMs). It allows you to run inference with any open-source LLMs, deploy models to the cloud or on-premises, and build powerful AI applications.

OpenLLM is aimed at empowering software engineers to better fine-tune, serve, and deploy their models to production. It supports a wide range of open-source LLMs, such as StableLM, Falcon, Dolly, Flan-T5, ChatGLM, StarCoder, OPT, and Llama. It integrates seamlessly with BentoML, LangChain, and Hugging Face, allowing for the composition or chaining of LLM inferences with different AI models.

OpenLLM provides first-class support for BentoML. To use OpenLLM, BentoML users can easily integrate OpenLLM models as BentoML Runners in their Services. For more information, see the OpenLLM GitHub repository.


OneDiffusion is an open-source, all-in-one platform specially designed to streamline the deployment of diffusion models. It supports both pretrained and fine-tuned diffusion models with LoRA adapters, allowing you to run a variety of image generation tasks with ease and flexibility. As it is integrated seamlessly with the BentoML framework, you can use OneDiffusion to deploy any diffusion model to the cloud or on-premises, and build powerful and scalable AI applications.

OneDiffusion currently supports Stable Diffusion and Stable Diffusion XL models. More models (for example, ControlNet and DeepFloyd IF) will be supported in the future. For more information, see the OneDiffusion GitHub repository.


Yatai is the Kubernetes deployment operator for BentoML, allowing DevOps teams to seamlessly integrate BentoML into their GitOps practices. It simplifies the deployment and scaling of ML services, offering a subset of scalability features from BentoCloud. Designed with cloud-native principles, Yatai leverages Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) like BentoDeployment to fit ML services into existing workflows. For more information, see the Yatai documentation.

For more information about the BentoML ecosystem, see the BentoML GitHub account.


The BentoML ecosystem extends beyond its core tools. It features seamless integrations with other popular technologies such as MLFlow, LangChain, Kubeflow, Triton, Spark, and Ray. This interoperability widens the reach of BentoML, fostering collaboration across various ecosystems and expanding opportunities for users of these tools.

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