Manage models and Bentos#

BentoML provides both a local Model Store and a Bento Store to host your models and Bentos, respectively. Once you’ve pushed these entities to BentoCloud, they are stored in remote repositories. This setup helps teams manage them in a unified way, making it easier to share and collaborate with team members.

This document explains how to pull and push models and Bentos.


Pull and push models#

  • Pull a model: To fetch a specific version of a model from BentoCloud, run:

    bentoml models pull <model_name>:<tag>
  • Push a model: To upload a new version of an existing model to BentoCloud, run:

    bentoml models push <model_name>:<tag>

The Models page displays all available models on BentoCloud.


Pull and push Bentos#

  • Pull a Bento: To fetch a specific version of a Bento from BentoCloud, run:

    bentoml pull <bento_name>:<tag>
  • Push a Bento: To upload a new version of an existing Bento to BentoCloud, run the following command. Note that you can push a Bento directly to BentoCloud without manually pushing the model packaged in the Bento. When you push a Bento to BentoCloud, the associated model is automatically uploaded.

    bentoml push <bento_name>:<tag>

The Bentos page displays all available Bentos on BentoCloud.